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,All higher learning institutions must give their students leave from November 17 till 21 to cast their votes, says the Higher Education Ministry. – Flickr pic by Mahani Mohamad, October 22, 2022.

THE Higher Education Ministry has agreed to give students in higher learning institutions a five-day leave starting November 17 to return to their respective hometowns to vote in the general election (GE). 

This was confirmed by Higher Education director-general Husaini Omar after a circular on the matter went viral on social media today. 

When contacted by Bernama, he said the letter had been distributed to all public and private institutions, including the Polytechnic and Community College Education Department, for further action.

“The letter is to inform all higher learning institutions to give their students leave to cast their votes based on Undi18. A media statement regarding this matter will be issued later,” he said.

According to the letter dated October 21, the five-day leave from November 17 to 21 is to give students enough time to travel to polling locations and return. 

The letter also stated all classes and student activities during that period should be postponed and held on another date.

The Election Commission has set November 19 for polling, with nomination on November 5 and early voting on November 15. – Bernama, October 22, 2022.

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